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Think of low fat options for diners

Lighter options can be more appealing to some diners

Chefs who want to cater for as wide a range of clientele as possible may wish to consider preparing inspirational recipes for weight-conscious diners.

If this is the case, they could choose to follow the lead of Italian food chain Pizza Express, which has expanded its Leggera range with this in mind.

It claims it is the first outlet to offer a skinny 500-calorie pizza, which is characterised by a lighter and crisper base.

This is created with fresella bread from Naples - which has a hole in the middle, replacing dough with a salad of ricotta salata cheese and rocket.

"They're the perfect balance of more on top, less on the bottom! And it's great to see that it's still possible to order an American Hot pizza, even if you're managing your weight," commented nutritionist Juliette Kellow.

Last year, celebrity chef Nigel Slater recommended a crunchy herb mozzarella dish, which he claimed tasted like a lighter pizza option.

Do you have any light bite suggestions that could be a good option for health-conscious customers?

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