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Rotherham kitchen continues with food revolution

Rotherham kitchen continues with food revolution

Rotherham was the starting point of Jamie Oliver's British cuisine revolution. In the past four years the celebrity chef has been working tirelessly to improve the diets of British people, as well as many more around the world.

His approach was to inspire people to get back in the kitchen and cook meals from scratch - using exciting and often experimental ingredients like Ground Ginger, Green Pesto and Cayenne Pepper.

Despite moving on from Rotherham and tackling the problem of fast food in the US, many Brits in the northern town are still keen to take Mr Oliver's message of good food to the masses.

One such good food champion is Rotherham's The Ministry of Food, which offers healthy cooking courses to people from all walks of life.

Speaking to The Star, chef Keith Winn said people often have a misconception that healthy meals are costly.

"People often think that if something is healthy then it's expensive," he noted.

Mr Oliver also runs a programme to get unemployed people into cooking.

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