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Latin American food could be a big hit in 2012

Latin American dishes are expected to be a diners favourite in 2012

Chefs wishing to spice up their menus with new flavour ideas in order to accommodate the latest food trends may want to gen up on their Latin American recipes.

This is because restaurant review site Square Meal has suggested this cuisine could be a big hit with diners in 2012.

Twists on old favourites inspired by these traditions could also be a good idea, as McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve claims researching other culinary cultures is a great source of inspiration.

Indeed, it was noted two English restaurateurs - Jamie Barber of Hush and co-founder of Momo David Ponte have opened two branches of a Brazilian barbecue joint.

Brazilian-Japanese infusion dishes are also expected to be a success, which was attributed to the influence of sporting events.

"With the handover of the Olympic Games to Brazil and the World Cup to look forward to, everyone's giving time to Brazil and there's a real swell of interest," commented Mr Ponte.

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