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Herbs can bring new flavour pairings to chicken dishes

Tarragon and thyme are a natural match for chicken

When adding a selection of chicken dishes to a menu, it would be understandable for chefs to worry their offerings may be a little uninspired.

Chicken is such a staple that it can often feel as though everything that can be done with the meat already has been done.

However, it could still be possible to mix things up a little bit by turning to a selection of culinary herbs for inspiration.

A little experimentation can lead to the creation of new flavour pairings and is widely practised by a range of industry professionals, from McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve to chef and patron of the Murano restaurant Angela Hartnett.

In an article for the Guardian, Ms Hartnett recommended the use of tarragon and thyme to make a sauce for a chicken and mushroom dish.

She claimed these ingredients are a natural match for each other and leaves room for adjustments, suggesting cooks "substitute with drumsticks or breast of chicken if you prefer".

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