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Give puddings a wow factor with cardamom

Cardamom and orange syrup brings a wow factor to puddings

A conventional rice pudding can be given a "wow factor" by serving the dessert with a honey, orange and cardamom syrup.

This could really give standard fare an edge, enticing more diners to a restaurant and has been suggested by celebrity chef Diana Henry in an article for the Daily Telegraph.

Chef Steve - McCormick's resident expert - says experimenting with dishes in this way is one of his key professional inspirations and culinary spices can bring new flavours to courses such as this one.

"The pudding here is quite plain; it's the syrup that provides the wow factor," Ms Henry remarked, adding: "If I ever get to heaven I'll ask for this every day."

Preparation involved bringing the juice of three large oranges to the boil slowly, with water, honey, sugar, cardamom and zest of orange also added to the pan.

Straining through a sieve is an option, but serving with seeds and zest could also be a hit.

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