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Fussy eating can affect your childs tastes

Fussy eating can affect your childs tastes

Everyone knows at least one fussy eater. It is almost inevitable that if you throw a dinner party there will be someone there who avoids greens, certain types of meat or even spices - like Cayenne Pepper.

But fussy eaters may not be entirely to blame for their unusual food habits.

New research has shown that fussy eating can begin before you are even born.

Research carried out by Benoist Schaal of the University of Bourgogne in Dijon has shown that the food eaten by pregnant women can have a huge impact on a child's likes and dislikes as they grow.

Dr Schall added that the first six months of a child's life also have a dramatic effect on their future diet.

He noted that babies which have been given a variety of foods early on will be much less likely to reject food later on.

So fussy eating could be just a symptom of not getting enough Green Pesto or Poppy Seeds when younger.

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