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Comfort food popular in times of social uncertainty

Uncertain times lead to a surge in demand for comfort food

While many people are presented with a wide range of difficulties during the economic downturn, chefs could find some of their offerings becoming more popular than ever.

Associate professor of psychology at Newcastle University in Australia John Prescott claimed that in times of social stress, many people turn to comfort food options.

"There is one account of restaurants in New York after the 9/11 attacks really showing an upsurge in the types of comfort food they were serving and being requested to serve," the expert explained.

He claimed this was a significant factor in making people feel socially insecure at the time and many people dealt with this by choosing certain kinds of meals over others.

Indeed, many celebrity chefs have been promoting the virtues of comfort food dishes recently.

For instance, in an article for the Guardian, Nigel Slater recommended a lentil and spinach cottage pie, which is a vegetarian twist on a traditional meat dish.

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