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Use thyme to help boost slow roasted pork

Use thyme to help boost slow roasted pork

With Christmas merely weeks away, caterers up and down the country will be looking at ways to spice up their festive menus in order to beat their competition.

One of the ways in which to do this is by introducing some culinary herbs into traditional dishes that everyone craves during this holiday period.

Renowned chef, caterer and restaurateur Margot Henderson recommends the use of garlic, thyme and bay leaf in preparing a slow-roasted pork.

Writing in an article for the Telegraph, the expert said if cooked correctly, the meat should melt in your mouth.

"The beauty of slow cooking is in the lovely giving nature of the meat," she continued.

There is no need to stop here, why not try using a whole host of different culinary spices to create a real taste sensation?

Researching traditions and origins of certain foods can help provide the inspiration for any festive feast - so much so, our resident expert Chef Steve, really advocates this approach!

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