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Use culinary spices for an Italian Christmas chocolate cake

Use culinary spices for an Italian Christmas chocolate cake

With Christmas just around the corner, caterers are sure to be trying to come up with ways to spice up their festive menus in order to provide something a little different this year.

Cakes are bit of a staple over the festive period as people like to gorge on all manner of treats, so why not try and do something a bit different using culinary spices?

Award-winning food author Diana Henry, writing in the Telegraph, suggested people using a whole host of nuts and spices to make a brilliant Italian Christmas chocolate cake.

"This is lovely with strong espresso and whipped cream with a couple of tablespoons of marsala stirred into it. It can be grown-up or child-friendly, depending on how you finish it," she advised.

Using the likes of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, alongside almonds and hazelnuts, caterers can really set their Christmas cake apart from competitors.

This sort of innovation that culinary spices allows is exactly the reason our resident expert Chef Steve is such an advocate of their use in any dish.

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