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Cinnamon and garlic add to almond and cucumber soup

Cinnamon is a great addition to any soup

When making preparations for new recipes on the starter section of your menu, it would be understandable if caterers preferred not to have the more bland and traditional soup dishes.

They can be a bit monotonous so why not try and change things up and bring your own unique twist to a recipe.

For instance, in an article for the Daily Telegraph chef and food columnist for news provider Stevie Parle suggested using garlic and ground cinnamon to complement a chilled almond and cucumber soup.

Here at Schwartz for Chef, we really encourage caterers to be as adventurous as possible with herbs and spices and our resident expert Chef Steve says culinary herbs can help get the best out of any dish.

Mr Parle said the soup "doesn't contain dairy or cooked ingredients, but it still tastes really full and scrumptious".

You can always customise your dish by coming up with new flavour pairings that are bound to have people coming back again and again.

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