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Basil and Parsley can really infuse spaghetti and cherry tomatoes

Basil and Parsley can add real character to a dish

Professional chefs keen to create a menu that will really wow all-comers should not be afraid to innovate with herbs and spices to find unique tastes.

Creating something new and exciting is one of the best things about being a caterer so don't be afraid to mix things up a bit to create a great tasting dish.

Chef patron at Murano restaurant Angela Hartnett, writing in the Guardian, said that adding basil and parsley can really help to infuse a good spaghetti meal.

Added alongside garlic on spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, Ms Hartnett believes this simple dish can be a real winner on any menu.

Here at Schwartz for Chef we really advocate the use of herbs and spices to try and innovate as much as possible to create new and wholesome meals.

Indeed, our resident expert Chef Steve says that culinary herbs can help to get the best out of any dish.

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