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Coriander could help prevent food poisoning

Experts believe coriander could be an alternative to antibiotics

Those who frequently include coriander in their range of adventurous recipes may be interested to learn of its potential to prevent food poisoning.

A study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology has found coriander to be toxic to some harmful bacteria.

Researchers from the University of Beira Interior in Portugal, who carried out the investigation, believe that its use in food could help to prevent illnesses such as food poisoning.

Coriander oil was tested against 12 strains of bacteria, including E coli and MRSA, all of which showed stunted growth and many of which were killed.

"The results indicate that coriander oil damages the membrane surrounding the bacterial cell," said Dr Fernanda Domingues, leader of the research. She explained that this "ultimately leads to death of the bacterial cell".

Dr Domingues envisages that coriander oil could eventually become an alternative to antibiotics available over the counter.

This comes shortly after a United Arab Emirates University study, which found that saffron showed promise as an anti-cancer agent.

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