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Sharp sauces can lift a traditional dish

Sharp sauces can lift a traditional dish

Chefs often have a signature dish - sometimes dishes if they get plenty of practice in the kitchen.

Whether it's a simple spaghetti or an elaborate duck de l'orange, a signature dish can become tired if it is cooked ad infinitum.

After all, when you are inviting people around for dinner, you want to give them something different. You don't want them becoming overly critical or - worse yet - suggesting their wild mushroom lasagne wasn't as nice as the last time they had it.

This doesn't mean, however, coming up with something brand new or cooking something you are not comfortable with. It can mean simply adapting something you do well to give it a little kick.

A dash of lemon or lime, some capers or quince can add a bit of interest to a tried and tested meal. You could even try tamarind - or other equally exotic ingredients - to overhaul a trusty British favourite.

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