Bay Leaves


Bay leaves are one of the principle herbs used in Bouquet Garni.

Uses in the Kitchen
Use in soups, stocks, stews and sauces to release flavour slowly in to the dish. Make a sugar stock adding Bay Leaves, star anise and cinnamon sticks. Infuse before pouring over exotic fruit for a delicious warm fruit salad. To release the volatile oils encapsulated in the dried leaf, tear or break the leaves before adding to your cooking. Remove before serving.

The bay tree is native to the Mediterranean region and Asia Minor. In Ancient Greece and Rome, bay leaves and branchlets were used as wreaths to crown their victors. Champions of the Olympic games wore garlands of bay leaves. Our word "baccalaureate" means "laurel berries" and signifies the successful completion of one's studies. It alludes to the bay wreaths worn by poets and scholars when they received academic honors in ancient Greece.

Flavour & Aroma
A sweet, balsamic aroma and an astringent, spicy flavour

Available in

Dull green

Selected Recipes with Bay Leaves:

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