Give your food a kick with relishes and salsa

If you're keen to give your food an authentic American flavour, you'll be sure to want to use Bick's relishes and salsa.

With the Bick's range, you can choose from a range of products that will complement your dishes perfectly.

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Choose from a wide product range

You'll find relishes and salsa have a great number of uses and are not just for burgers.

Equally ideal for grilled meats, you can also use them in salads or dips, or incorporate them into your final dish.

To add an exciting dimension to chicken dishes, Bick's Texan barbecue relish is a fantastic choice and you're sure to find its smoky flavour goes down a treat.

If you're keen to serve some tasty Tex-Mex cuisine, Bick's Mexican hot chilli salsa and dips - with its tangy blend of onions, chilli and tomatoes - is bound to be a hit with your customers, or you can use its milder version - Bick's Mexican mild chilli salsa and dips.

Of course, not everyone likes spicy food, so for something is tasty yet not overly powerful, why not seek out Bick's crunchy sweetcorn relish or Bick's zingy onion relish? They are an ideal accompaniment to salads.

Bick's gives an authentic taste of North America to your dish

Bick's brand has been around since 1944 and offers the authentic taste of North America. Our development chef Steve Love has come up with some tasty recipes that will show you the versatility of Bick's range.

Relishes and Salsas

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