A spicy anise flavour and sweet aftertaste with the aroma of anise, pine and liquorice.

Uses in the Kitchen
Add to chicken stock with sherry and cream for a delicious sauce for chicken. Use with thyme and white pepper as the essential herb in Plaice Veronique.

Tarragon was unknown in Europe until the Arabs introduced it when they ruled Spain. Tarragon, or "little dragon," has been one of the most popular herbs in Europe since the 16th century. It was used to cure the bites of dogs and poisonous snakes. Tarragon is one of the classic French herbs and is now widely used in classic French dishes giving a sweet, pine flavour.

Flavour & Aroma
A strong anise flavour with a volatile oil content. Methyl chavicol is the principal flavour which gives the volatile oil.

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