A distinctive herb with a fragrant pinewood flavour. Traditionally cooked with lamb but also extensively used in classic British and Italian dishes.

Uses in the Kitchen
Add to focaccia dough mix with olive oil, sea salt and garlic. Toss with olive oil onto diced sweet potato, swede, pumpkin and parsnip for roast winter vegetables. Sprinkle over potatoes when roasting.

Native of the Mediterranean. The Latin name ‘Ros Maris’ means ‘Dew of the Sea’, as the plant grows well by the seaside. In ancient Greece it was believed that Rosemary fortified the brain and refreshed the memory. Associated with remembrance, Rosemary was used at weddings and funerals. An infusion of Rosemary is said to be calming on the nerves. Rosemary is an antiseptic and works well as a breath freshener.

Flavour & Aroma
Rosemary has a distinctive pinewood aroma and a strong bitter-sweet flavour.

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