Case Study – The Montague Inn

Don't be scared of seasonings!

Award-winning chef, John McGeever, is a great believer in simple, tasty food, without the pretence. And he’s been producing exactly that for the customers that visit the Montague Inn, Somerset, for the last five years.

"One of our main objectives at the Montague Inn is to offer value for money. People are more discerning when they eat out these days and we are very proactive in trying to offer that little bit extra. For example, why sell packaged nuts when you can easily make your own? They return a much better profit for the pub and deliver so much more in flavour; and our customers are more than happy to pay that bit extra for them."

John has a very open mind when it comes to trying new things and positively embraces innovation. "I might have trained at the 'old school' but I am not old fashioned. If a supplier introduces me to a new product, I give it a go. The likelihood is that it's been developed by people with experience in their field, advanced technology and a lot of know-how. Besides, there's nothing wrong with using new products in tandem with traditional methods"."When I tried the Schwartz for Chef range of Seasonings, I was very pleasantly surprised; I especially love the Mesquite Seasoning, with its wonderfully smokey flavour and now use it regularly in my Mesquite Viennese Burger with Smoked Shallot Sauce".

"Producing food of a consistently high quality is important to us at the Montague Inn because we are a destination pub and many of our customers are recommended by word of mouth. I can trust the Schwartz for Chef Seasonings to deliver every time and I know that any member of my team can create the same great results. The flavours are well balanced and all the components are in the right proportions; for instance, when using pure five-spice powder, it can sometimes be too strong and a little bitter. The Schwartz for Chef Five Spice Seasoning has a rounded flavour and is not a bit harsh. It has a nice sweet finish, is great for dusting just prior to serving and doesn't clump like powder can. At the end of the day, using a seasoning isn't cheating, it's just taking advantage of someone else's expertise and if that enables me to produce food that tastes great every time, then my customers are going to be very happy!"