Schwartz Grill Mates provides the perfect range of products for all types of grilling. Enhance your menu with authentic flavours from the American grill.


The range of Schwartz Grill Mates products are formulated for the grill whatever the weather. Simple and easy to use, the range is available in two convenient formats, including seasoning jars and adjustable grinders, for an exciting twist on classic flavours.

Deep South Brown Sugar

Sweet and spicy with a hint of whisky flavour

Unique product inspired by the flavours of the Deep South

Montreal Steak

Robust blend with garlic, black pepper and dill seeds

Adds a unique twist to steak and other grilled meats

Smokey Texan

Smokey blend with a kick of red and green bell peppers and black pepper

Distinctive smokey flavour for meat, fish and vegetables

Punchy Peppercorn

Blend of black, green, Szechuan and pink pepper with clove and coriander

Adds a peppery kick to meat, fish or vegetables

Herb Fusion

Robust blend of herbs, black, red and green pepper and garlic

Instant flavour for lamb, beef, breads, doughs and dips

Garlic and Herb Twist

Aromatic and flavoursome seasoning blend of garlic and herbs with a twist of red pepper

Great with chicken, fish, seafood, pasta and vegetables