Spanish Tapas Savoury Pie

Number of Portions
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- 300 grams proscuitto cotto ham, diced
- 250 grams chorizo sausage, diced
- 10 eggs
- 200 grams gruyere cheese, grated
- Paprika
- 400 grams prepared puff pastry, rolled out
- 400 grams prepared shortcrust pastry, rolled out


Line baking tray with short crust pastry and prick with a fork Arrange Proscuitto cotto ham so it divides the pastry into ten.

Place the chorizo around the edges of the pastry. This should leave you with 10 wells to break the eggs into. Season the top of the eggs with Schwartz Paprika and then the gruyere cheese.

Egg wash the edge of the pastry and place the Puff pastry over the top to form a pie. Egg wash the top of the pie and place in a hot oven for 25 – 30 mins or until golden brown and serve.

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