Seared Beef Salad

Number of Portions
Seared Beef Salad


- 10 x 175 gram rump steak
- 50 grams
- 500 grams cucumber, sliced
- 500 grams red pepper, sliced
- 250 grams spring onion, sliced
- Fresh mint leaves
- 2 tbsp Premium Basil
- 60 ml olive oil
- 100 ml lime juice
- 40 grams Crushed Chillies
- 50 grams Sesame Seed


Coat the steak in Schwartz Montreal Pepper Seasoning and grill to medium.

Allow to rest and then slice thinly.

Combine all ingredients except chillies in a large bowl.

Pile on to a serving plate.

Garnish with Schwartz Crushed Chillies and Schwartz Sesame Seeds.

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