Fillet Stroganoff

Number of Portions
Fillet Stroganoff


- Aberdeen Angus fillet tail
- Paprika
- Butter and olive oil to fry
- Finely chopped cornichon, banana shallot, garlic & green pepper
- Lemon juice & zest
- Demi-glace or good beef/veal jus
- Double cream (or soured)
- White or wild rice to serve
- Finely chopped parsley to garnish


Slice strips of Scottish Angus fillet tails and liberally coat with Schwartz Paprika

Pan sear in a little butter and olive oil and set aside to rest

Sweat down finely chopped cornichon, banana shallot, garlic and green pepper. Add Schwartz Paprika, lemon juice and zest, demi-glace and cream. Reduce and add back fillet

Serve over rice garnished with sprinkled Schwartz Paprika and finely chopped parsley

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