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Chilli is a great addition to salmon

Try dusting salmon with chilli powder

December 21, 2012

Professional caterers can quickly find themselves so busy in the kitchen that it might be difficult to find time to do something a little different and creative.

However, it is important to mix things up a bit, as the presence of...

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Add spices to carrots

Serve carrots and parsnips cooked in spices

December 21, 2012

Diners' choice of Christmas food is typically thought of as being very traditional - but this does not mean that professional caterers should not try to come up with one or two adventurous twists on the classic formula.


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Vegetables are essential at Christmas

Try Swedish recipes on a festive menu

December 21, 2012

The festive menu of many restaurants up and down the country is undoubtedly filled with traditional roast options.

This can get pretty dull for professional caterers who have to prepare the same meal hundreds of times over...

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Chillies are great in Oriental dishes

Spices are great for oriental dishes

December 20, 2012

In the hustle and bustle of a busy working kitchen, it is important for caterers to have a few dishes to fall back on that are easy to whip up in a rush.

However, it is also essential to have a broad range of meals on offer that...

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Garlic is highly versatile

Garlic is essential for endive with pancetta

December 20, 2012

There are so many way for professional caterers to bring a unique twist to a dish that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says that one of his favourite methods of experimentation is to try...

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Soup is a classic starter

Bring a personal twist to Christmas meals with herbs

December 20, 2012

At the height of the festive season, restaurants up and down the country will be serving up traditional Christmas meals.

However, professional caterers have a great deal of scope for stamping their own mark on the old favourite.

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Add fennel to potatoes

Roast potatoes with fennel

December 19, 2012

Professional chefs up and down the country will undoubtedly be preparing great abundances of traditional Christmas dinners as the festive season gets into full swing.

However, this can present the caterers with some difficulties as...

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Use herbs and spices to bring something new to a classic

Fry sprouts with caraway

December 19, 2012

With the Christmas season in full swing, many diners are after special festive menus full of classic dinners that are traditionally associated with this time of year.

However, this can make it difficult for professional...

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Experiment with herbs

Try parsley or nutmeg in colcannon

December 19, 2012

Colcannon is a delicious winter warmer of a dish that is an Irish recipe from the classic bubble 'n' squeak family of meals.

Kale, potatoes and milk are typically the main ingredients - and it is typically served with...

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Cinnamon can sweeten dishes

Add cinnamon to French toast

December 18, 2012

There are many ways in which professional caterers can bring their own unique twist to a classic dish - it is simply a question of taking an imaginative approach to innovation.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says that one of the...

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