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Tomato salad gets the creative juices flowing

Tomatoes can be presented in creative ways

One key aspect of meal preparation that is really not to be overlooked by caterers is presentation.

If a diner is presented with a plate of food that is laid out with a real wow factor, then this could really encourage them to come back to the restaurant for more.

In an article for the Guardian, chef and patron of London's Ottolenghi and Nopi outlets suggested making a vegetarian-friendly salad of tomatoes with wasabi cream.

"The opportunity to arrange all those colours and shapes on a single plate really gets the creative juices flowing," he commented.

Dill, tarragon and thyme were the culinary herbs he recommended - and there is scope for innovation here too.

Indeed - the herbs can also add to the look of the plate. Mr Ottolenghi said he simply sprinkled them over the finished products - but can you come up with anything that might be more visually exciting?

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