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Spices are useful for a Korean kimchee dish

Paprika and other spices are great in kimchee

Culinary spices are an essential ingredient in the creation of a crab-and-kimchee fried brown rice dish.

Celebrity chef Bill Granger said that: "The combination of the crab and chorizo in this Chinese rice and Korean cabbage dish is a particularly winning one."

Writing in an article for the Independent, he added that this can become a very satisfying comfort food offering that also owes something to Hawaiian meals.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says one of his key professional inspirations is researching the culinary traditions of other cultures.

This recipe is the perfect example of this approach, as it successfully fuses ideas from disparate locations.

However, there is still scope for the truly adventurous caterer to bring their own unique twist to the meal.

By adding new flavour pairings of your own invention, you could come up with something that may turn out to become your signature dish, bringing diners back for more!

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