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Preparation methods make a difference to finished meals

Different cooking methods yield different results

The task of coming up with something truly unique can be an arduous one for professional caterers - but there are many different ways of coming up with something exciting.

Bringing a new twist to old favourites with the judicious use of culinary herbs and spices is just one great way of doing this - and it is advocated by our resident expert Chef Steve.

However, it is also worth giving some thought to how the method of preparation has an impact on the final flavour of any given dish.

It's obvious that there is a big difference between fried or grilled chicken, for example, but David Jones, co-owner of the Mannafromdevon cooking school, suggested the use of a wood-fired oven.

"You can cook at a much higher temperature with a wood-fired oven and that cooks things differently," he commented, adding: "If you're cooking fish at 350 degrees C, it's completely different to the 200-degree oven."

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