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Moroccan seasoning adds sweetness to dishes

Moroccan dishes often feature lemons

Researching the culinary traditions of other cultures can be a great way for a professional caterer to bring something new and exciting to their restaurant's menu.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says it is one of his key inspirations and co-owner of cookery school Mannafromdevon David Jones recommended looking at Moroccan styles in particular.

He explained that dishes from this country can often be characterised by a natural sweetness - often brought about by the inclusion of fruit in meals such as stews.

Preserved lemons are also a staple addition - so the sweetness of other fruits is balanced out with a sharpness.

Mr Jones said this is a key idea that can be learned from Moroccan cooking - as it is essential to think about how ingredients will interact.

"A little bit of saltiness with a little sweetness, getting all of those flavours in harmony really so that nothing overwhelms is very important," the expert remarked.

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