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Marinate lamb in turmeric

Ground spices can be great for marinating

Celebrity chef Nigel Slater has recommended marinating lamb in a range of culinary spices in order to bring a new flavour to the dish.

This can be an excellent way of giving your meat a twist that can really make a difference to a traditional meal.

It can be great for a diner to know what they're getting, but something a little different can really delight them and keep them coming back for more.

Slater suggested crushing a clove of garlic and pounding it in a pestle and mortar with fennel seeds, ground coriander and a little black pepper.

This mixture can then be rubbed into the meat - and it is possible to switch the lamb steaks for pork, beef or chicken in order to create variety.

Adventurous chefs who intend to try something completely outre can always try inventing a marinade of their own concoction - simply bring new combinations of herbs and spices together.

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