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Include coriander in prawn tostadas

Coriander really complements prawn

Tostadas are a great example of a highly customisable dish that can really benefit from the addition of a range of culinary herbs and spices.

In an article for the Independent, celebrity chef Bill Granger said that he uses chilli and coriander in his recipe for prawn ceviche tostadas.

He advised draining the prawn ceviche and tossing it together with avocado, chilli, coriander and red onion - before adding a final flourish of a squeeze of lime juice.

However, we like to see professional caterers taking an innovative approach to dishes here at Schwartz for Chef - so why not try bringing your own twist to the meal by coming up with exciting new flavour pairings of your very own?

Don't be afraid to throw together some spices that may have never been tried in the same recipe before - you might uncover a taste sensation that could become your signature!

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