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Ginger can flavour salmon chirashi

Ginger is underrated

Celebrity chef Bill Granger has recommended the use of garlic and ginger in a recipe for salmon chirashi.

Sharing his ingredients in an article for the Independent, he described his version of the meal as being a much more practical version than the authentic style that sushi restaurants offer.

This could make it perfect for professional caterers who are looking to add something slightly exotic to their restaurant's menu - but need it to be quick to make in order to fit it in with the fast-paced kitchen environment.

"I like to think this is just as delectable," Granger commented - and chefs can always use their initiative and take advantage of the opportunity presented by herbs and spices to bring their own unique twist to the meal.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says that the scope offered to do this by these ingredients is one of his favourite things about them.

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