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Fennel is very underrated

Fennel is a very underrated ingredient

Paul Gayler - executive chef at London's prestigious Hyde Park location the Lanesborough Hotel - has described fennel as being a very underrated ingredient.

Writing in an article for the Daily Telegraph, he explained that: "It goes so well with tomatoes, courgettes and garlic."

He recommended its inclusion in a recipe for courgette and fennel bouillabaisse - which is a kind of vegetarian take on a traditional stew.

The expert also advised preparing an aioli - and this could be customised by the adventurous caterer with judicious use of culinary spices.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says that herbs and spices are two of his favourite ingredients - and one of the reasons for this is the scope that they offer for experimentation.

Serving something with your own twist could be the difference that gets diners coming back for more - so don't be afraid of pairing together flavours that might not have been used in the same dish before.

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