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Chillies can be used in different ways

Chillies have many uses

Culinary spices offer a great deal to the professional caterer - and chillies in particular have a wide range of uses.

Steve Waters, co-founder of Southdevonchillifarm - a specialist that grows 10,000 of the plants every year - explained that there are three main categories of chilli.

He explained that cooking chillies pack quite a punch and need to be chopped very finely - adding that these tend not to be well suited to salsas.

Other varieties of chilli are much better suited to this purpose - salsa chillies - and these can be chopped fairly coarsely and mixed with tomatoes.

"There is one that sits outside those the Pimentos de Padron, a Spanish pepper that's picked very young, quite small and has no heat," Mr Waters remarked.

He described these as being ideal for stuffing - or they can also be served as a starter if they are quickly fried with a pinch of sea salt. 

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