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Spices calm the gut says expert

Culinary spices could soothe digestion

Gourmands shy away from culinary spices when they have an upset stomach may be pleased to hear that certain spices can have a calming effect.

This is according to gastroenterologist Dr Nick Read, who was asked what foods were ideal for someone suffering from a sensitive gut.

"Some spices are quite calming on the gut," he said, citing turmeric, fennel, cumin and coriander in particular.

However, he warned that chilli and hot spices are not advisable, adding that you should "be careful with fibre because if you have got a sensitive gut, a high fibre diet may make the symptoms worse".

Dr Read also elaborated on the role of diet in stress more generally, saying that if a person is tense then fat, fibre, coffee and some fruit can cause problems such as lower abdominal pain.

Research by and OTC Bulleting found that 88 per cent of GPs see patients suffering from indigestion and heartburn every week.

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