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Parsley garnishes a simple mackerel dish

Parsley can bring a simple mackerel dish to life

Cooks looking for a simple dish to garnish with culinary herbs may wish to try a mackerel and melted butter dish.

The recipe was shared with the Telegraph by professional chef Diana Henry - presenter of the Good Food Channel's Market Kitchen show - and included parsley among its ingredients.

"I got the idea for this in Sweden but, as with so many of their dishes, it is perfectly suited to our ingredients too," Ms Henry remarked.

To prepare the recipe, she recommended trimming radishes and boiling eggs before frying seasoned mackerel fillets for a couple of minutes on each side.

She advised peeling and chopping the eggs while doing this so they are ready to top the mackerel along with the radish.

When done, she suggested quickly heating butter, lemon juice and parsley and pouring over the ready meal to serve.

Ms Henry has a weekly column in the broadsheet and is the author of six cookbooks.

She also provided the option of replacing radish with horseradish for a more autumnal flavour.

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