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Indirect link between nutrition and cancer risk

There is an indirect link between healthy diet and reduced cancer risk

Cooks of creative cuisine may have a hard time navigating the various rumours and reports surrounding the link between cancer risk and nutrition.

Charlotte Stirling-Reed, nutrition consultant for health advisory website, said that the link is not completely understood by professionals but the general consensus is that diet is certainly a factor in cancer development.

"Most experts believe that fruit and vegetables and the antioxidants they contain do help reduce the risk of cancers," she remarked.

However, she warned that research into the matter is very easy to misinterpret, therefore it is important to be very cautious when reading about the topic.

Noting that food is made up of a complex range of ingredients, she specified that "determining an effect as being down to one single food item is not easy".

Recent research from the United Arab Emirates University found that saffron may reduce the chance of liver cancer developing. Further investigation into the properties of the spice is currently underway.

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