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Customers care about food waste

Restaurants can help cut food waste by providing more options to customers

Restaurants serving inspirational recipes may be able to take more action to prevent food waste.

Environmental author and campaigner Tristram Stuart has argued that the restaurant industry has to take responsibility regarding the matter.

"Customers actually do care about food waste," he remarked, recommending more choice be offered to people.

"Take things off the menu if the customer is not going to eat it and [offer] doggy bags for people to take home," Mr Stuart suggested.

When asked if there was a risk of menus and services being overcomplicated by an excess of customer-oriented choice and flexibility, he cited fast food chains as an example of this circumstance being turned into a success.

He said that customers are likely to be pleased with being able to get an extra meal out of their visit and that it would be good for business.

The World Menu Report from Unilever Food Solutions recently found that 84 per cent of consumers are concerned with the amount of food wasted by dining establishments.

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