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Crunchy herb crust tops mozzarella recipe

Crunchy breadcrumbs and melted parmesan can give mozzarella a crispy topping

Culinary herbs may be an option chefs wish to consider when thinking of crusts to top mozzarella dishes.

Celebrity chef Nigel Slater suggested this in a recipe he shared in the Observer yesterday (September 25th).

He suggested placing mozzarella in serving dish, pouring over it a dressing of basil, parsley, black pepper and olive oil.

After dicing tomatoes with basil, parmesan and more oil, Slater recommended baking with white breadcrumbs until crispy on top.

"The crunchy, herb-scented crust was then spooned on top of slices of the silky snow-white cheese. Unsurprisingly it tasted like a pizza, but was much lighter," he remarked.

Slater added that the texture of the toasted crumbs and parmesan compensates for the lack of a base crust.

To serve, he advised dividing slices of salami and prosciutto between the relevant number of plates then scattering the mozzarella and topping over them.

The chef, who is currently filming a new series for the BBC, has published seven cookery books.

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