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Coriander a currys final blessing

Coriander is the perfect garnish for a curry

When making a curry with plenty of delicious culinary seasonings, there is one ingredient eager cooks should not forget.

According to food journalist Peter Grove, coriander is the dish's "final blessing".

He stated that it is always used by Indian chefs to garnish their creations, while fenugreek is another ingredient that adventurous chefs may wish to incorporate.

"Fenugreek has a tremendous taste and smells wonderful and there's no reason why people shouldn't grow it here," Mr Grove stated.

Offering some advice on other flavourings, he advised individuals not to store their spice racks next to the oven, as this is not good for them.

Similarly, it is unwise to keep the ingredients for more than six months, as by this time their "effectiveness is just about dead", the expert added.

One person who is likely to get through plenty of coriander is Scottish chef Sanjay Majhu, as he recently created a curry that only uses herbs and spices cultivated in his home country.

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