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Branded foodstuffs still popular

Branded foodstuffs still popular

Shoppers heading to the supermarket are still likely to purchase culinary spices from brands, despite the tough economic situation in the UK.

This is according to director and chief executive of the Centre for Brand Analysis Stephen Cheliotis, who explained buyers are "still generally wanting to buy brands".

"As far as I'm aware the market share for [brands] is still reasonably strong," he remarked, adding valued companies have "a lot of goodwill" from customers that is likely to be maintained, even if buyers' budgets are being cut back.

He noted that even if some consumers do move to own-label ingredients, many of them are likely to revert back to their usual purchase once their spending power increases.

Mr Cheliotis's comments contradict research from Haygarth, which indicated 71 per cent of shoppers cannot tell the difference between branded and supermarket-label items and nearly 60 per cent admitted they are now buying more own label goods than they were two years ago.

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