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Antioxidants recommended for healthy skin and hair

An expert has claimed sources of antioxidants are good for hair and skin

Creators of inspirational recipes may be wondering what food sources can help them maintain healthy skin and hair.

If this is the case, they may wish to follow the advice of nutritionist and author Suzi Grant and eat more sources of antioxidants.

She also specified essential fatty acids were particularly necessary for anti-ageing such as oily fish foods with Omega 3.

For vegetarians who do not have access to this source, she claimed linseeds or linseed oil were the best alternatives.

Ms Grant dismissed the health benefits of acai berries as clever marketing and suggested fruit grown in this country instead, noting that it was also environmentally sound for those concerned with food miles.

"Some of the highest antioxidant foods are berries, which we grow in this country. Think raspberries and blackberries now - they're really high in antioxidants," she remarked.

Recent research from the United Arab Emirates University found that Saffron holds antioxidant properties, which are being further investigated for a suspected link between the herb and reduced cancer risk.

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