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Add whatever the hell you like to beet and blackberry

Use whatever herbs you like in this laid back dish

Chefs of creative cuisine anxious about what herbs might work best with a dish may wish to consider adopting the laid-back approach of a fellow professional.

This was demonstrated by Rene Redzepi in a beet and blackberry meal he shared with the Guardian.

"I love the earthiness of beets, the sweetness, the lightness. And this is so simple anybody could do it," Mr Redzepi, who advises on the board of the Basque Culinary Centre, told the broadsheet.

To prepare the dish, he advised placing unpeeled beets on a sheet of foil with butter, salt and vinegar.

He recommended laying herbs across the top before sealing the foil.

Thyme, sage and other aromatic herbs were among the listed ingredients, but Mr Redzepi suggested using "whatever the hell you like".

After baking for 45 minutes, his serving tips were to spoon blackberry sauce between the beets and add coriander leaves, with salt to taste.

Mr Redzepi's Copenhagen-based Noma restaurant has won the prestigious San Pellegrino award for the world's best eatery twice since 2005.

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