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Risottos are highly customisable

Risottos can benefit from experimentation

Preparing the same old dishes day in day out can get a little dull for professional caterers.

As a result of this, it may be worth giving some thought to coming up with new ways to mix up the offerings of your restaurant's menu.

This could also make things a little more interesting for diners - and there are plenty of recipes that are customisable, meaning you will be able to bring your own unique twist to them.

Ben Ebbrell, head chef at online cookery hub Sorted, described risottos as being ideally suited to this purpose.

"You [can] chop up some... salad and beetroot, mix in a tablespoon of horseradish sauce and you get the coolest pink, vibrant beetroot risotto," he commented.

It would certainly be worth considering adding a range of culinary herbs and spices to the mix- as these ingredients can really add a lot to a meal by bringing out the natural flavours of other ingredients.

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