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Fried chicken can be fancy with added herbs and spices

Fried chicken can be fancy with added herbs and spices

Most people would associate fried chicken with fast food restaurants, but it is currently undergoing a renaissance as Britons realise it can be made much fancier.

Food writer and chef William Leigh told the Independent the reason fried chicken has got a bad name over here is because nobody has done it well enough and diners assume it will be greasy and unappetising.

Actually, he pointed out, by looking to other cultures and using blends of culinary herbs and spices, the foodstuff can become a culinary delight and a great main meal.

Mr Leigh suggested making it Korean by tossing pieces of chicken in chili paste, frying it twice and serving it with a daikon, or Thai-inspired using mint and lime.

However, paprika, herbs, salt and pepper could also be added to the meat to give a completely different taste - our resident expert Chef Steve says this is his favourite thing about the ingredients.

"It's just food that makes you happy," Mr Leigh agreed.

Different sides may create the perfect finishing touch for fried chicken in a restaurant - for example, noodles would team up well with Thai-inspired fried chicken, while corn and fried beans would be ideal for a southern-style recipe - why not try your own combinations too?

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