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Bring a risotto to life with herbs

Herbs offer so much to risottos

Dishes like risotto are always very popular with diners - while it may be an Italian tradition, it has long since become an old favourite here in the UK.

However, it can get a bit boring for professional caterers who have to make the same meals day in, day out.

So why not try and come up with a new take on classics like this?

It could be the perfect way to offer something distinctive to diners, at the same time as allowing for some variety in preparation techniques.

Food photographer Laura Edwards recommended adding garlic, parsley and thyme to a Parmesan risotto with porcini.

Culinary herbs and spices are a great way for bringing out the natural flavours of other ingredients, as well as adding a distinctive taste.

Indeed, our resident expert Chef Steve says this kind of versatility is highly useful in the kitchen - so don't be afraid to try new flavour pairings of your own.

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