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Vanilla pods flavour a hazelnut cake

Hazelnuts can be combined with vanilla and olive oil in a cake

Cooks considering new flavour pairings for a cake might want to try butternut sorbet with a hazelnut, vanilla and olive oil cake.

This has been suggested by head chef of London's Galoupet restaurant Chris Golding, who shared his recipe for the dessert with the Guardian.

Preparing the sorbet in advance was advised and this involved warming sugar and glucose in water until dissolved, then mixing in butternut puree and lemon juice before churning in an ice cream maker.

The cake itself was made by whisking eggs and sugar, then stirring in baking powder, butter, flour, hazelnut flour, polenta and olive oil, finally adding vanilla pods.

It was recommended the cake be dusted with icing sugar and served with a scoop of the sorbet and a fig after being baked at a medium heat.

Celebrity chef Bill Granger recently suggested the use of the same vanilla ingredient in a raspberry cake recipe he shared with the Independent.

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