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Teaching children to cook is vital

Children can learn essential skills through cookery

Chefs of inspirational recipes could make a valuable contribution to a child's education by helping them learn how to cook.

Dietitian and founder of Nigel Denby claimed it is "vital" youngsters are taught such skills as it provides important knowledge for later life.

He welcomed the reintroduction of a greater emphasis on cookery in the national curriculum and added there will be health benefits if an individual is not reliant on processed food.

Mr Denby expressed optimism regarding the resurgence in popularity of baking as it is simple and does not share the instant gratification factor offered by popular technology.

"You can't hurry, it takes time but the results are worth it. It is purely down to your attention to detail and effort when it comes to the results that you get," the expert explained.

Managing director of AVF Marketing and founder of Arnold Fewell recently made similar statements regarding the education of children, specifying the use of raw ingredients and locally sourced food could also be positive.

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