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Red wine is not as healthy as believed

Red wine is not as healthy as generally believed

Chefs of creative cuisine may be wondering what foods they should use to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

If this is the case, they might want to avoid sugar, which nutritionist and author Suzi Grant described as "the work of the devil".

She also advised against the consumption of red wine, refuting the commonly-held believe that this can be a healthy drink.

Ms Grant explained sugar is very heavily present in the beverage and although it is often cited as a good source of antioxidants, this comes from the grapes rather than the alcohol.

In terms of alcohol that is not as sugary, she advised a drink of tequila or vodka as an alternative.

People would "be better off eating a bunch of grapes, which are still incredibly high in natural sugar but at least give the antioxidants first-hand," the expert commented.

Professional chef Stevie Parle recently recommended enjoying a vegetable stew with a glass of red wine in an article published in the Daily Telegraph.

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