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Healthy diet should always be prioritised

Healthy diet should remain a priority on a tight budget

Inspirational recipes could make a positive contribution to living standards in times of economic difficulties by promoting a healthy diet.

Registered nutritionist Dr Carina Norris suggested a healthy diet should always remain a priority and many people do not know how to sustain such a lifestyle on tight budget.

She explained everyone is facing financial difficulties, but this may not be the only reason individuals resort to convenience foods.

Dr Norris claimed cooking from scratch with natural ingredients is perfectly accessible, but a large portion of the population lack the necessary skills and knowledge.

"Some people will eat less healthily in the recession because there are a lot of easy options that are cheaper options that are also unhealthy," the expert commented.

Dietitian and founder of Nigel Denby recently stated it is vital children are taught cookery skills in order for them to be adequately prepared for later life.

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