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Garlic and ginger flavour a squid stir fry

Ginger adds flavour to a quick and simple squid stir fry

Chefs who use culinary herbs and want a dish to serve up quickly may wish to try a squid and pepper stir-fry.

This has been suggested by Nigel Slater, who shared his recipe for the meal in the Observer.

He advised ensuring the squid is thoroughly cleaned and trimmed, with the body sacs cut into thin rings.

For the pepper, he suggested removing the seeds and core after halving, before peeling and slicing garlic and shallots.

Slater specified the herb shreds should be "matchstick thin".

With the ingredients prepared, the chef recommended heating oil in a wok, adding peppers first, then garlic, shallots and ginger, stirring constantly.

Squid should be added with salt and pepper when the vegetables are golden and fried until the meat is opaque, he instructed.

"A stir-fry is another dish that sits nicely in hotter-the-better territory," Slater remarked, adding when he served the food the squid "was actually smoking as I shook it on to our plates".

The celebrity chefs' current television series - Simple Cooking - is being transmitted on BBC One.

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