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Garlic and cloves add to a very cheesy biscuit

Aubergine tart is like a very cheesy biscuit

Gourmands looking for flavour ideas for aubergines may wish to try preparing them as a tart.

This has been suggested by celebrity chef Nigel Slater, who shared the recipe in the Guardian and described the hand-made pastry as being "like a very cheesy biscuit".

To prepare the topping, aubergines are diced and layered in a roasting tin.

Garlic and cloves are then crushed into a paste and added to the tray.

Before baking, Slater advised topping the mixture with thyme leaves and seasoning with salt and pepper.

He recommended tossing the ingredients while they are cooking and removing from the oven when soft enough to be crushed.

Making the pastry involved rubbing butter and flour into crumbs and mixing in grated cheese, egg yolk and milk, then kneading for one minute, refrigerating for 20 minutes and baking for ten.

When all the ingredients are cooked, the chef's final serving tip was to spread the blended and mashed paste over the pastry.

Slater's latest television series - Simple Cooking - is currently being broadcast on BBC One.

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